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Located between the border of Wisconsin and Saint Paul, Minnesota, the city of Woodbury is home to around 58 thousand of the state’s residents. Woodbury can trace its roots back to agriculture and farming but quickly boomed as a residential community beginning in the mid-20th century.

The city itself features much natural beauty, offering a park system comprised of over 3 thousand acres, in addition to 7 lakes. In the recent past, Woodbury has received new development, but much land for building still remains. If you are searching for homes for sale in Woodbury, MN, view our Woodbury real estate listings today.



Woodbury’s parks and recreation division boasts not only a network of parks and trails but also numerous other activities. From t-ball to adult hockey leagues to special events, there’s always something fun going on in Woodbury.



Want to get your shopping fix? Woodbury has countless shops and boutiques for you to enjoy. Woodbury Lakes is a destination shopping center boasting dozens of shops and restaurants all conveniently located.



Woodbury has a wide array of restaurants that provide residents with diverse cuisine options. Whether you’re craving pizza (Pinos Pizza), crepes (Brix Coffee & Crepes), Indian (India Palace), or anything in-between, Woodbury has a restaurant for you.



Woodbury makes environmentally friendly practices a priority. Requiring that all refuse haulers provide recycling collection services is just the first step. The Woodbury Sustainability Committee sponsors the Environmental Excellence Awards to recognize residents, non-profits, businesses, and schools that are helping Woodbury maintain its status as a sustainable and environmentally responsible community.



Woodbury is served by 3 independent school districts: South Washington County (833), Stillwater Area (834), and the North St. Paul – Maplewood – Oakdale (622) Districts. Each of the districts offers fantastic educational opportunities for students. District 833 is home to Woodbury High School, which is ranked in the top 50 of the top 500 high schools in the country; District 834 prides itself on a graduation rate exceeding 95 percent, and District 622 offers nationally recognized programming to its students.

The city is also home to two parochial schools: New Life Academy and St. Ambrose; a private school: Footprints Academy, and a charter school, Crosswinds Middle School.



Metro Transit, the regional transportation service in the Twin Cities Metro area, and First Transit provide Woodbury’s bus services. In addition to Metro Transit and First Transit, Woodbury’s residents are able to utilize Transit Link, a dial-a-ride service.


Local Government

Woodbury’s local government operates in a mayor-council format. Services are provided by the City Council consisting of the Mayor and four additional council members. These council members are elected and serve 4-year terms.


City History

Woodbury, originally named Red Rock, was first settled in 1844. The town’s name was changed in 1859 after the discovery of a township of the same name in a different part of the state. Settlers of the area originated from Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Scotland, and Switzerland. Developing into a primarily urban community, Woodbury started as a farming town, which was redeveloped as the Twin Cities metropolitan area spread eastward. Today it is a city rich in history with fantastic amenities for its residents to enjoy.

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Stop by and visit our Woodbury office to work with one of our superb agents and accommodating staff members. We're happy to help however possible with any of your home buying or selling needs.

Stop by and visit our Woodbury office to work with one of our superb agents and accommodating staff members. We're happy to help however possible with any of your home buying or selling needs.

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