Moving in the Fall

Fall is right around the corner and if you’re currently looking at moving in the fall we have some tips to help you out. Fall is truly a beautiful time of the year in the midwest with near-perfect weather and beautiful colors. While all that sounds ideal, there are a few things to consider before you start moving in the fall. Whether you’re moving to Minneapolis, Duluth, La Crosse, Rochester, or anywhere else in the midwest, check out this list to ensure you have everything covered, and don’t forget to reach out to your favorite Results agent!


Negotiate moving prices

Summer is the most expensive time to move according to Moving.Tips because it’s the season in which most people are moving. The higher demand skyrockets the moving prices but the good news for you is that moving in the fall is much more friendly on your wallet. With that being said you should still try and negotiate the price with your movers as they are seeing less demand and might be more willing to lower their prices for your business.


Pack for the season

Moving in the fall: packing blankets

As the seasons change so do your wardrobe and decorations. To save some time and get two things done at once, pack away all your summer clothing for the year and unpack your fall clothing when you move. Make sure you label your boxes appropriately so you have one less job to do when you move. When loading up, make sure to leave your fall items easily accessible and pack your summer items further back.


Cover your floors

When the weather is changing it can get a little messy outside. Leaves are falling, it’s raining, and the wind is blowing all of it inside your new house. Make sure to put down some plastic to cover your floors and keep them clean while you’re moving things in and out. This makes cleaning up quick and easy.


Clear your sidewalk

Moving in the fall: Leaves on sidewalk

The changing colors of the leaves are beautiful until they start falling all over your yard and sidewalks. Take some time to clean off your sidewalk prior to moving to make sure you don’t slip and fall on any wet leaves. This will also help you not to track them inside your house.


Check the school calendar

School districts vary their school calendars so if you have kids in tow make sure you are aware of when their new school starts and how their schedule is going to look. Try to plan your move around them so they can help out with moving. Make it a game for the little ones to encourage them to help and keep them busy at the same time.


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Questions about moving in the fall? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get in contact with a Results agent.

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