Getting Your House Ready For Winter

With the temperatures dropping and the sun setting earlier each night, winter is officially around the corner. Winter can be harsh in the Midwest and sometimes you need to take some extra time to get your house ready for winter. There is a lot that needs to be done before it gets too cold outside so we put together a quick checklist for you to go over.


Check your heating and air system

This should be the first thing done on your to-do list especially with the freezing temperatures we normally see each winter. Nobody wants to deal with a broken heating system on a below zero day so ensuring it is running properly beforehand will save you the headache later. Sometimes it can be helpful to call in an expert!


Clean your gutters

With the fall season coming to an end there aren’t many leaves left on the trees. However, they all seem to find their way into our gutters. Cleaning out all the leaves and debris will help ensure proper drainage when the snow is melting which in turn will keep the exterior of your house from deteriorating and keep unwanted water out of the house.


Prepare your plumbing

Gone are the days of setting up the sprinkler to run through, it’s now time to pack all the hoses up. Drain them out along with any outdoor faucets and store the hoses inside to make sure they are ready to go again next year. Make sure that everyone in your house knows how to turn the water off too just in case of emergency.


Seal any cracks

Making sure your house is properly sealed will help keep you warm and also keep that energy bill down. Check all the weather stripping around doors and windows to keep all those cold drafts outside. Caulk up any cracks and exterior pipes as well.


Clean out your chimney

A warm fireplace on a cold winter night is one of the coziest things. Make sure your chimney is all cleared out and ready to go so you don’t have to deal with that in the cold weather. Remember to stock up on some firewood as well!

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