Preparing for an Open House

An open house is an opportunity for prospective buyers to see your house – and hopefully their potential home – so you’ll want to make sure the house is ready to impress. Believe it or not, how tidy the place is may play a critical role in whether the suitor decides to buy or pass. To prepare your place, consider the following:


  • De-clutter

That litter box for your cat in the corner should probably be moved somewhere else, while other items including shoes by the front door should go into temporary hiding – maybe even storage. Make sure to organize everything – including the closets. Some home sellers think that if they put their clutter in the closet, it will be one of those “out of sight, out of mind” scenarios. However, potential buyers will want to see the size of the closets and if there is existing shelving/organization. Rent a storage room or pod to keep your extra items in while your home is on the market.


  • Make it look open and inviting

De-cluttering isn’t the only way to make your place look open and inviting. Turn on the lights, stoke the fire, draw the curtains, and stage your home! Think of what you looked for when purchasing your home.


  • Clean, clean, clean

Organizing and de-cluttering your space isn’t enough. You’ll also want to scrub, dust, vacuum, and mop, paying special attention to the areas you sometimes neglect while cleaning (ceiling fans, vents, floor edges, vanity drawers, etc.). Not only will this make the place look superb, but it will also make everything smell better.


  • Pay attention to the exterior

Your home’s interior isn’t the only place you’ll need to focus your attention. Make sure the lawn is properly mowed and that you get rid of weeds in garden areas. Also, don’t be afraid to clean your home’s siding.


  • Set the tone with temperature

Make sure that you adjust your thermostat so that when prospective visitors attend your open house, they’re comfortable and can imagine themselves being comfortable if they were to live there.


  • Repair/Replace

Prospective buyers are going to be concerned with possible things that aren’t up to par and/or broken, and they will often estimate the time/expense to take care of the project is much larger than it truly is. For example, a door may not close properly or the paint on the exterior of the home may be chipping, etc. Make the necessary repairs before putting your home on the market. Not only will these small adjustments (potentially) help increase your home’s value, but they will help you sell your home faster.


Still looking for more help? Don’t worry, all of our agents are experienced in staging homes and helping you get them ready for an open house. Reach out to one for more information!

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