Take The Pledge


Results Companies Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Commitment to Change & Pledge To Act

The Results Companies strive to be a leader in supporting and encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion in real estate. We recognize that these are multifaceted issues and that we need to tackle these subjects holistically to better engage and support all underrepresented groups within our communities and the real estate sector.

In this joined effort, we call upon each of you to be the catalyst for this change. As a progressive industry we must take progressive action. Our accountability and commitment to this Pledge to Action will help guide our commitment to our organizational success.

WE BELIEVE everyone should play a part in furthering diversity, equity and inclusion.  Nothing matters more to us than making sure our clients and coworkers feel seen, heard and valued. We commit to speaking words and acting in ways that promote a sense of belonging, build trust, and encourage compassion and open-mindedness.

WE COMMIT to being accountable for the impact of bias and inequity that our words and actions may have on others. We commit to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization that proactively celebrates different backgrounds and perspectives.

WE WILL speak up to neutralize bias or microaggressions. We will be accountable for the impact of bias and inequity that our words and actions may have on others.  We will implement programs that demonstrate our words and match our actions.

WE RECOGNIZE that effective diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives go beyond this pledge, but we believe these are important, concrete steps that work toward building a more diverse and inclusive workplace.  Diversity and inclusion is not just about ethnicity, background, culture, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or mental health.  It’s about all of us.  And it’s for all of our differences to be embraced as strengths.