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The city of Plymouth can trace its roots to agriculture. As the decades have passed since its foundation, commercialization has turned Plymouth into a thriving community with over 50 thousand jobs.

Plymouth is home to a plethora of natural amenities, including numerous parks and trails. The city is also home to a highly rated school system that’s regarded among the best. If you are looking for homes in Plymouth, MN, view our Plymouth real estate listings today.




Besides the plethora of parks in Plymouth, the city offers extensive recreation options. The city’s recreation division provides activities year-round such as team sports, concerts, programs, classes, field trips, and more for residents of all ages.



Plymouth has several great shopping areas within its limits. The Four Seasons mall has just about anything you could possibly need. There are also a variety of strip malls and stand-alone boutiques scattered throughout the city.



Plymouth’s dining scene has just about anything you could want. The diversity of the restaurants is outstanding. From Pineda Tacos to Kobe sushi to Solos Pizza Café, if you’re hungry, you can find it in Plymouth.



Conscious of your environmental impact? So is Plymouth. The city provides bi-weekly recycling pick-up as well as a drop-off center for all residents and businesses. There’s even a drop-off center for used motor oil.



Plymouth is served by 4 top school districts: Wayzata, known for consistently producing some of the highest test results in the country; Robbinsdale, which has one of the largest Advanced Placement (AP) programs in the state; Osseo, which annual “Points of Pride” include National Merit Scholarship awards, Athena Awards, as well as countless other recognitions; and Hopkins, one of 15 Torchlight Technology Award-winning districts in the nation. There are several private schools and colleges in the city as well.



Plymouth provides a bus service with 11 routes called the Plymouth MetroLink. These buses provide transportation in and around Plymouth as well as from Plymouth to Minneapolis. There are park and ride lots available making it easy to take advantage of the bus system.


Local Government

Plymouth’s government is a council-manager system. The mayor is one of seven council members that service the city. Plymouth is located in Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district.


City History

Plymouth was born on the shores of present-day Parkers Lake. Around the time of the Civil War, Plymouth began to develop into a sizable community with schools, churches, and post offices, as well as hotels. As the population continued to expand, the largest lake in the city, Medicine Lake, became a tourist attraction, prompting the building of resorts and vacation homes. The city finally became a charter city in 1992.

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